Moodboard Spring 12

The end is the new beginning, it becomes more valuable handmade, natural life and the modest simplicity of existence merge with the reality of a world that manages to go faster and faster.
The industrial aesthetic is reflected in natural tones and geometric three-dimensional shapes. The new hedonism appreciation of the environment and the perception of beauty through nature of things, makes a man choose to eat what they perceive is conceived under these statutes ideological.

El fin es el nuevo comienzo, lo hecho a mano adquiere valor, la vida natural la modesta simplicidad del existir en conjunto con la realidad de un mundo que va cada vez más rápido hace que la estética industrial se vea reflejada en tonos eléctricos y formas tridimensionales geométricas. El nuevo hedonismo la apreciación del ambiente y la percepción de la belleza a través de la naturaleza de las cosas hace que el hombre opte por consumir lo que percibe se ha concebido bajo estos estatutos ideológicos.

Spring Summer 2012 Topic "Tara Donovan"


HF Hyperactif Show 12

Real bones Specimen Most Wanted


Bottle the force of nature, synthesize in a small space all of the greatness, peace and scent, to carry with you. The new perspective of necklace, the minimalism of great things of life projected in an antique accessory. The construction of it clearly proofs the delicacy, dedication
 and time that the designer has put on it to make a perfect and quality piece for you to wear it. Just a piece for make a statement…  We are a new generation but we never forget where we came from

HF Hyperactif on NoWHERE Magazine November's issue





This month Nowhere Magazine is offering us an especial edition in collaboration with Prison For Young Offenders' Blog. The content expose variated articles and fashion editorials that provide us related scenes/thoughts to what a rebel soul is.
Dharma Gallado's photoshooting session displayed the newest of our jewerly in this issue.
We want to thank Young Offenders blog & NoWHERE Magazine for inviting us.

Este mes la revista Nowhere Magazine nos ofreció una edición especial en colaboración con Prison For Young Offenders Blog. Esta edición habla de una alma rebelde
La sesión de fotos estuvo bajo Dharma Gallado donde tomo fotografía a nuestros accesorio
Queremos dar las gracias Young Offenders blog & NoWHERE Magazine por invitarnos a esta colaboración.

NoWHERE Magazine

Prison for young offenders

Our bloggers in our HF Hyperactif's Jewerly.

HF Hyperactif's-Jewerly

HF Hyperactif's-Jewerly

HF Hyperactif's-Jewerly

HF Hyperactif's-Jewerly

Maureen, one of our 48th FLOOR bloggers posted yesterday on her Diary blog label some photos of our star season's jewerly, and said -"HF Hyperactif sent me this necklace a couple weeks ago and it's really lovely.."-

 Maureen Diary

"Perfect Stranger" Men's shirts Spring 2012 (technical details)

Men's-shirts-Spring-2012-(technical details)

"Perfect Stranger", Playeras para hombre, Primavera 2012 (Ficha técnica)

Mens shirts Perfect Stranger / Spring 2012

Spring 2012

HF Hyperactif Jewelry Autumn/Winter 2011

The whole concept involves lots of creativity & global trends use like the Cinematic nostalgia trend (Fim noir movies or Federico Fellini's characters aesthetics to name a few ones) translated in prints and button shapes). Developed for a very specific type of woman: A sophisticated, feminine but trendy girl with a bit of a classical touche.

For this Fall the line reaches inspiration from a large life moments variety: maybe an early wake up cup of coffee to a stylish dowtown outfit, mind thoughts, outdoors freedom qui souvien european landscapes & contemporary magazine's reading.

Femininity and minimal delicateness, are adjectives that could well describe our season's collection.

Web & Shop online :
Featuring: Karina Osorio
Music: Youth Lagoon

Strengthening in León Guanajuato


It's 5:00 pm and we are Strengthening our designer's knowledge in León Guanajuato.

This was an awesome trip. Young talented people, fashion meetings with the mexican fashion industry top leaders of the moment; wisdom everywhere. A physical and spiritual journey where our minds got expanded in some way to unknown territories.

We realized that we are part of the movement. By now, we know there are more like us: people who want and that are making changes happen. No matter if their efforts are well recognized or not, it is a manner of time for this things to finally show.

Apparently: partnership, fellowship, friendship collaborations, hard work, quality, innovation seriousness, honesty & communication have turned out to be our  nameless manifesto.

We are mexican young enterprises, talented designers, young people concerned about fashion industry issues in our country and how to solve them; we are seeking for progress.

This are times for commitment, efficient teamwork & multidisciplinary entrepeneur talk.

Let's put our hands, heart & soul at this, join us...
Join the cause.

HF Hyperactif on Inkult Magazine's blog

Inkult is a magazine of art, design and lifestyle in a digital format.

The publication is dedicated to promoting art in many of its variants, featuringnew works by visual artists, plastic, creative, self-educated, professionals,dreamers and eager to show the world their creations.
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Hunting in Querétaro

It's 4:45 pm and we are hunting in the secret places of Queretaro, where we buy vintage stuff.

Life moments Fall 2011

Life moments is a video diary filmed by HF Hyperactif & NOT a kopy CAT in which life modest simplicity get exposed trough a voyage story that intends to share lifestyle & beauty. It contains a compilation of scenes that display non common places, objects & moments that transmit feelings just as the NOT a kopy CAT tumblr does.

In fact, it is a film which brings us implicit the HF Hyperactif’s fall 2011 accessories campaign. A sneak peek where some of the upcoming season brand star pieces pour révelér take protagonism on scene. Here Primal trend essence meets HF’s personality along with human life fullness phenomenon.

Life moments locations splits as the audience can perceive, in two main parts (both mexican). The first part at Aguascalientes dowtown and the second one, filmed at Estado de México´s woods nearby "Nevado de Toluca".

“Life moments” (Momentos de la vida) es un video-diario filmado por HF Hyperactif y NOT a kopy CAT en donde la modesta simplicidad de la vida queda expuesta a través de una voyage story, la cual pretende compartir belleza y estilo de vida. Contiene una compilación de escenas que despliegan lugares poco comunes, objetos y momentos que transmiten sentimientos, justo como el tumblr lo hace.

De hecho es un film que nos muestra de forma implícita la campaña de accesorios Otoño/Invierno 2011 para HF Hyperactif. Una premisa donde las piezas estrella por ser reveladas en la próxima temporada, adquieren protagonismo en escena. Aquí, la esencia de la tendencia Primal se encuentra con la personalidad de la marca en conjunto con el fenómeno de la plenitud humana.

La locación para “Life moments” se divide como la audiencia puede percibir, en dos bloques (ambos en México). La primer parte en el centro de Aguascalientes. Y la segunda, filmada en los bosques cercanos al Nevado de Toluca en el Estado de México.

Shop supplies in Mexico City

It's 9:53 am we are shopping supplies at Mexico City's downtown

Neto Velasco's collaboration for HF Hyperactif.

Behind the pictures of our accessorie products hides Neto Velasco, graphic designer, screen printer, photographer and creator of the Delorean tennis brand.

Neto Velasco has produced Hyperactif's most recent photos. We just love his work.

More of his work on this web: 

HF Hyperactif & MARDAJ make an strategic alliance.

MARDAJ is a manufacture leader in Estado de México. The maquiladora has worked with various prestigious international brands such as: NIKE, ADIDAS, KROLINA INTERNATIONAL among others. Through this alliance, Hyperactif aims to leverage stability and future potential  growth, to further optimize its product development processes.

MARDAJ affirms: "This alliance aims to support SMEs to access to other national and international locations." Self-strengthening ties between two companies which will reflects on benefit for their clients and that, at the same time open strategies to drive market growth and development in Mexico".

Israel Palacios Creative Director of Operations added: "I noticed that potential buyers have found remarkable interest in design, (according to the fashion industry exigences) quality and competitive price of mexican products.