Strengthening in León Guanajuato


It's 5:00 pm and we are Strengthening our designer's knowledge in León Guanajuato.

This was an awesome trip. Young talented people, fashion meetings with the mexican fashion industry top leaders of the moment; wisdom everywhere. A physical and spiritual journey where our minds got expanded in some way to unknown territories.

We realized that we are part of the movement. By now, we know there are more like us: people who want and that are making changes happen. No matter if their efforts are well recognized or not, it is a manner of time for this things to finally show.

Apparently: partnership, fellowship, friendship collaborations, hard work, quality, innovation seriousness, honesty & communication have turned out to be our  nameless manifesto.

We are mexican young enterprises, talented designers, young people concerned about fashion industry issues in our country and how to solve them; we are seeking for progress.

This are times for commitment, efficient teamwork & multidisciplinary entrepeneur talk.

Let's put our hands, heart & soul at this, join us...
Join the cause.