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Hunting in Querétaro

It's 4:45 pm and we are hunting in the secret places of Queretaro, where we buy vintage stuff.

Life moments Fall 2011

Life moments is a video diary filmed by HF Hyperactif & NOT a kopy CAT in which life modest simplicity get exposed trough a voyage story that intends to share lifestyle & beauty. It contains a compilation of scenes that display non common places, objects & moments that transmit feelings just as the NOT a kopy CAT tumblr does.

In fact, it is a film which brings us implicit the HF Hyperactif’s fall 2011 accessories campaign. A sneak peek where some of the upcoming season brand star pieces pour révelér take protagonism on scene. Here Primal trend essence meets HF’s personality along with human life fullness phenomenon.

Life moments locations splits as the audience can perceive, in two main parts (both mexican). The first part at Aguascalientes dowtown and the second one, filmed at Estado de México´s woods nearby "Nevado de Toluca".

“Life moments” (Momentos de la vida) es un video-diario filmado por HF Hyperactif y NOT a kopy CAT en donde la modesta simplicidad de la vida queda expuesta a través de una voyage story, la cual pretende compartir belleza y estilo de vida. Contiene una compilación de escenas que despliegan lugares poco comunes, objetos y momentos que transmiten sentimientos, justo como el tumblr lo hace.

De hecho es un film que nos muestra de forma implícita la campaña de accesorios Otoño/Invierno 2011 para HF Hyperactif. Una premisa donde las piezas estrella por ser reveladas en la próxima temporada, adquieren protagonismo en escena. Aquí, la esencia de la tendencia Primal se encuentra con la personalidad de la marca en conjunto con el fenómeno de la plenitud humana.

La locación para “Life moments” se divide como la audiencia puede percibir, en dos bloques (ambos en México). La primer parte en el centro de Aguascalientes. Y la segunda, filmada en los bosques cercanos al Nevado de Toluca en el Estado de México.

Shop supplies in Mexico City

It's 9:53 am we are shopping supplies at Mexico City's downtown

Neto Velasco's collaboration for HF Hyperactif.

Behind the pictures of our accessorie products hides Neto Velasco, graphic designer, screen printer, photographer and creator of the Delorean tennis brand.

Neto Velasco has produced Hyperactif's most recent photos. We just love his work.

More of his work on this web: 

HF Hyperactif & MARDAJ make an strategic alliance.

MARDAJ is a manufacture leader in Estado de México. The maquiladora has worked with various prestigious international brands such as: NIKE, ADIDAS, KROLINA INTERNATIONAL among others. Through this alliance, Hyperactif aims to leverage stability and future potential  growth, to further optimize its product development processes.

MARDAJ affirms: "This alliance aims to support SMEs to access to other national and international locations." Self-strengthening ties between two companies which will reflects on benefit for their clients and that, at the same time open strategies to drive market growth and development in Mexico".

Israel Palacios Creative Director of Operations added: "I noticed that potential buyers have found remarkable interest in design, (according to the fashion industry exigences) quality and competitive price of mexican products.

HF Hyperactif on NOTakopyCAT's Tumblr

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48TH FLOOR view from an Ipad.

Shot taken during our last executive meeting.