"Perfect Stranger" Men's shirts Spring 2012 (technical details)

Men's-shirts-Spring-2012-(technical details)

"Perfect Stranger", Playeras para hombre, Primavera 2012 (Ficha técnica)

Mens shirts Perfect Stranger / Spring 2012

Spring 2012

HF Hyperactif Jewelry Autumn/Winter 2011

The whole concept involves lots of creativity & global trends use like the Cinematic nostalgia trend (Fim noir movies or Federico Fellini's characters aesthetics to name a few ones) translated in prints and button shapes). Developed for a very specific type of woman: A sophisticated, feminine but trendy girl with a bit of a classical touche.

For this Fall the line reaches inspiration from a large life moments variety: maybe an early wake up cup of coffee to a stylish dowtown outfit, mind thoughts, outdoors freedom qui souvien european landscapes & contemporary magazine's reading.

Femininity and minimal delicateness, are adjectives that could well describe our season's collection.

Web & Shop online : http://www.hfhyperactif.com
Featuring: Karina Osorio
Music: Youth Lagoon