Facehunter Show At New York

More than just a street style photographer, Yvan Rodic is a cultural explorer or 'blog-trotter’—a new breed of traveller on a perpetual mission to scout out the latest global trends, current cultural happenings and fashion. His synoptic eye takes in the bright lights of capitals and the no-less curious glow of cities like Reykjavik and Jakarta in one fluid and continuous motion. Looking at the styles he captures en route, it seems as if national borders fall away – as if a new culture is rising up. Whether in Nizhny Novgorod or New York, this network of adherents take and re-work their references, subconsciously proclaiming membership of a new, ‘Creole’ culture. To capture these developments, Yvan has expanded his network to encompass new media while “twittering” the results as he goes. His tantalising Visual Diary offers a more intimate, eclectic record of his own tastes and the places and subjects he encounters, returning to the broader scope of his original passion.
Keen to bring to life the amazing personalities and subcultures he showcases in his individual portraits, he also produces and hosts The Facehunter Show, a web TV programme featuring emerging talents in the fields of music, art and (naturally) fashion.