Now you can buy HF Hyperactif at Cornelia y Caridad

Created by Maria Cabrera & Lorena Ledezma Cornelia y Caridad is a Showroom/Store located in Queretaro dowtown’s heart. An stablishment fully-loaded of national design products. Here, young fresh talented desginers (fashion/acessories & complements) find an ideal space to expose and sale their work

cornelia y caridad

A unique place that trap us into a beautiful parallel atmosphere between: vintage furniture, selected taxidermy décor, non common sale spaces within pastel walls, creative merchandise display and a carefully distributed antique items all over the store

An exceptional corner for national scene designers and one  more of our sale spots in México.

Rio de la Loza Sur No. 1, 76000 Querétaro, Mexico
Tu - We: 2:00 - 21:00
Th: 2:00 - 21:00
Fr - Su: 2:00 - 21:00